I started cooking at a very young age...nothing fancy, eggs and toast!  I was 8 years old and cooking was not  an option because my dad was in a bad auto accident...and my mom had to work.  By the time I was 10, I could cook

up a batch of glazed donuts. Presently I'm on a low-sodium, lowfat diet...not a diabetic but try to cook my des-

serts sugar-free. Below you will find a recipe that been in my family for over 100 years, given to you as my mom 

made it, and modified by me for a healthy version. Should you try this cake...let me know thru the Guestbook.





1 Lb.  butter (or 1 lb coconut oil)


 6. eggs (or 6 Egg Beaters)


1/2  cup apple sauce


1. teas. baking powder


1. quart pecans or walnuts


1. Lb. golden raisins


3/4  cup whiskey


2. cups sugar (or 2 cups Stevia)


4. cups flour (whole wheat)



Mix butter or coconut  oil, eggs, applesauce, whiskey , baking powder and stevia

or sugar. Mix well. Add  flour raisins and nuts. Again, batter will be stiff.  Pour into

a bundt pan and bake at 250 degrees for 3 hours. When done and cool, place in a

cake cover and allow cake to "rest" 12 hours...if you can !!!







I acquired a likeness for all music...tho it hasn't always been like that. I hated the blues, unless

it was Lowell Fulson singing  "Lonesome Christmas," or BB King singing "Woke Up This Morn-

ing."  Music began to change rhythms and I wanted leave the "shuffles" behind. But little did I

know those old rhythms would never go out of style !